Piledriver Magazine Profiles Aggregate Technologies

Read the in-depth profile of Aggregate Technologies in the Quarter 3 2013 issue of Piledriver magazine, the official publication of the Pile Driving Contractors Association.
The Cutting Edge – Aggregate Technologies brings innovation to the industry (PDF)


One of ATI’s most recent accomplishments is the issuance of a United States Patent for the new Pile Cutting Machine (PCM) in October of 2012. These revolutionary new PCMs have been well received in the industry. Everyone who has watched them in operation acknowledges that PCM technology is the safest, most efficient way to cut piles. These revolutionary machines can cut 125 to 200 piles per day with only one operator and one machine.

In 2007, Wills knew that his company needed diversity, but cutting piles was an unsafe and labor-intensive process at the time. A safer and more efficient method needed to be developed. Mounting a concrete saw to the end of a telescopic arm would remove workers from the danger zone or cut zone. ATI could dominate the pile cutting industry if this design worked. Wills worked to have his idea designed, engineered and built. The machine was successfully tested and the patent was filed. The machine has cut thousands of piles with no injury or incident to date. The cabs are climate-controlled and use mechanical power, which eliminates operators from the exposure of heat exhaustion and back injuries.

Link to full Q3 2013 Piledriver issue: http://www.lesterpublications.com/samples/PDCA/PileDriver_Q3_2013-LR.pdf