Custom Cranes Used For Concrete Precast Removal

Built in 1983, The G.T. “Mickey” Leland Federal Building is a 22-story General Services Administration highrise now being renovated. Changes to the existing building include a comprehensive modernization and upgrade involving a complete façade overclad, consisting of a new, energy-efficient exterior “envelope” that keeps out heat, glare, and UV rays but allows in more light – reducing the need for interior illumination.

As with any upgrade project, a significant part of the job is disassembling and removing old materials. Aggregate Technologies Inc. (ATI) has been contracted to remove concrete panels from the north and south corners, which form a sawtooth pattern with four corners each. Because of the building location and physical space constraints, it was not possible to use a conventional tower crane to remove the panels.

The solution: ATI along with Nabil Mimouni of 3D Design & Engineering designed and constructed two custom cranes, which are mounted on the roof of this 22-story building and attached to its steel structural frame. These remote-controlled cranes allow each panel to be removed safely and efficiently – and are further evidence of ATI’s commitment to finding innovative design solutions for seemingly insurmountable engineering challenges.

In addition to structural and space issues, the Mickey Leland Federal Building project presented yet another unusual challenge: all ATI crewmembers were required to receive official security clearance from the FBI.

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