Aggregate Technologies, Inc. provides precision concrete cutting services. A trusted contractor with a national reputation, ATI specializes in pile cuttingcore drilling, slab sawing, wall sawing, and robotic demolition of concrete, masonry, stone, and asphalt – from coast to coast.

ATI technicians and operators are renowned for implementing innovative solutions to complete even the most challenging concrete cutting projects. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, removal crews employ a variety of tools and techniques – including diamond cutting systems and Brokk robotic hammering as well as a unique pile cutting system and core drilling machine patented by Aggregate Technologies, Inc.

ATI rapid-response crews are deployable nationwide and regularly complete work at locations and sites around the country:

  • Industrial, commercial, and marine demolition
  • Pier, wharf, bridge, and airport runway slab cutting
  • Public infrastructure: highway, street, and road cutting
  • Custom precision concrete cutting

ATI can also provide professional evaluation and consulting for complex core drilling jobs.

Highly experienced Aggregate Technology crews can provide stitch drilling, slab drilling, and deep-hole drilling as well as diamond and circular drilling under extremely difficult structural conditions.

Our Services

  • Pile Cutting
    Pile cutting can be needed on new construction and more commonly on remodels and expansions. Aggregate Technologies is the right choice for any pile cutting...
  • Concrete Cutting
    Precision concrete cutting encompasses a variety of advanced techniques, including core drilling, slab sawing, and wall sawing, and Brokk robotic demolition. ATI technicians and engineers...
  • Core Drilling
    Core drilling techniques are used when precise, circular cuts are needed. Holes of almost any diameter are easily drilled to make openings for plumbing, electrical...
  • Wire Sawing
    This innovative technique originated in quarries to extract stone, and is ideal for cutting thick concrete. A multi-strand cable with diamond segments is threaded through...