Underwater Demolition

Trust the underwater demolition experts.

Performing underwater demolition can be challenging to even the best engineers and contractors. Aggregate Technologies is the right choice for difficult demolition jobs below the surface of the water. Our firm’s location in the Gulf region has us specially prepared to work underwater. ATI has the know-how and skill to bring our special blend of creative engineering and hard-working dedication to any project.

Working underwater requires an experienced team, and Aggregate Technologies has the experience. From the deployment of underwater cutting equipment, to the employees with experience working in an underwater environment, ATI has what it takes to perform demolition below the waterline just as effectively as on dry land.

Working on marine projects requires a different and unique approach. There are obstacles and hurdles to completing the required work that are not present on land. A recent job saw ATI working in the Port of Houston, responding quickly to help begin the repair process for a damaged concrete dolphin. ATI applied many of our firm’s skills such as wire sawing and concrete coring to the marine environment, aided by a diver, to complete the job.

There are many differences and similarities between working on land and underwater. It takes the right firm to blend the two environments, devise the most practical solution, and complete the work in a safe and timely manner. Aggregate Technologies is the go-to choice for underwater demolition and construction.