Safe and Rapid Airport Concrete Cutting

At Houston International Airport ATI crews saw cut and removed about 20 concrete panels 25’x25’ and 17” to 22” thick on the Terminal C project. These panels were removed due to cracking or the concrete otherwise failing and needing replacement.

ATI operators cut each panel into 5’ x 5’ blocks with a 1’ relief cut and pulled each panel out with an excavator. 100% water control was used to keep the area as clean as possible to keep any foreign object damage (FOD) from getting to the airplanes near the area.

Ten of the panels were removed during a shutdown on the taxiway. ATI started the work on a Friday and had to be completely done in 72 hours. But ATI crews finished the panel sawing and removal in 48 hours – one day ahead of schedule!

All the rest of the panels we removed on the apron during normal hours but still safely and quickly as possible to keep the project on schedule. Contact us today for your next concrete cutting project – 1-877-SLABSAW

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