Houston Wall Sawing Parking Garage

In Houston, Texas, Aggregate Technologies operators used concrete wall sawing to remove a portion of a wall for a new parking garage. A section of concrete needed to be modified to match the job plans, and the ATI team quickly assembled the crew and equipment to remove 12″ of a 200′ concrete wall so that the finished section of the garage would be at the proper elevation.

Concrete sawing is routine for Aggregate Technologies, but what makes ATI stand out in this case is they were able to receive the call get onsite and have the project done in 48 hours.

Other projects involving concrete wall sawing that ATI has completed are the Belle Chasse Tunnel outside New Orleans, cutting window openings for an office building, and creating an opening for a second story doorway. Wall sawing was also used at the Texas Medical Center for an expansion of the facilities at MD Anderson. For many of these jobs, ATI uses the Pentruder HF wall saw which is state of the art in the industry.

ATI is no stranger to parking garage projects either. In one job a car fire caused the weakening of the structural slab concrete, and ATI was tasked with removing the double-T slabs. In another, structural failure caused a collapse of on level and ATI operators used Brokk robotic hammers to carefully demo the fallen slab. More recently, ATI was contracted to slab cut sections of the George R. Brown convention center during its expansion prior to Super Bowl 50 held in Houston, Texas.

If your project runs into the unexpected and you need 911 concrete wall sawing (or core drilling, slab sawing, pile cutting, or wire sawing) the ATI team is just a phone call away to help you meet your deadlines. Call us in an emergency, and call us for your normal jobs as well. We look forward to making you successful.

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