Rebar Scanning

Rebar scanning starts the job off right.

When preparing to cut or core concrete as part of a construction project, it is often important to locate the structural steel reinforcing. Rebar scanning with GPR makes this process easy. Failure to do so can result in costly mistakes that can delay a project while also damaging the integrity and stability of the structure. Aggregate Technologies is experienced in locating rebar using our GPR capabilities for many different applications. Using GPR to locate rebar is quick, safe, and easy, and in the long-run it saves time, hassle, and money.

There are many other possible reasons to use GPR to locate rebar. When a concrete structure fails, it can often be related to misplaced or deteriorated rebar. A GPR investigation of the failure zone can help engineers devise a possible solution for repair while also helping to determine who is at fault for the structural failure.

The use of GPR to locate and analyze rebar is just another capability ATI brings to the table. Our rebar scanning abilities are just another tool in a very full toolbox when it comes to supporting engineering design and construction activities.