Wall Sawing

Wall sawing can be one of the more critical steps in the construction process. Wall sawing is one of the core services of Aggregate Technologies. The  process employs a circular blade, and can cut through concrete of nearly any thickness. Walls as thick as 24” can be cut using the wall sawing process. 

Track Mounted Saw

The sawing is performed using a circular saw, often mounted on a track-mounted machine. The track is then attached to horizontal rails and the process of cutting precise doors, windows, and vents begins. The use of the track mounted saw, rather than a slab saw allows the openings to be cut to exact specifications. For thick concrete sections, measures are taken to prevent over cuts due to the large diameter of the saw. It is that commitment and attention to detail that has helped make Aggregate Technologies one of the leading construction firms in the Gulf region and the nation.

Wall sawing can also be performed on already standing, completed buildings. When an opening is needed for expansion in an existing structure, do not hesitate to consider ATI. Working in an existing structure can be challenging, and requires extreme attention to detail. Aggregate Technologies brings the level of experience and thoroughness to make any concrete wall sawing job a success.

Wall Sawing Video