Texas Precast Panel Removal

At a Tyler, Texas hospital, ATI operators were tasked with removing several concrete precast panels for expansion. Typically this type of job would be routine – but in this case it was anything but. The difficulty arose in that several of the precast panels had the working hospital cafeteria and a surgery area behind them! Because of this there was no interior access, so the panels had to be removed with outside access only. Fortunately, there was one section of the wall that operators could access from the inside.

The ATI team removed the panels that they had interior access to and carefully measured how far apart the steel weld plates were constructed. With this information in hand, they carefully probed with exploratory saw cutting and were able to accurately determine where the weld plates were in that part of the hospital wall. With this careful procedure, they were able to free the weld plates and core the holes so that a steel erector could lift the panels out and away.

Thanks to the ATI operator’s expertise and critical thinking, the hospital was able to continue normal activity throughout. Aggregate Technologies has shown it is a leader in precast panel removal in Houston, Texas and the Gulf Coast.  Two projects had to be done in the evening – an HEB grocery store in Pasadena, and at Lakewood Church in Houston. The ATI team removed precast panels from the University of Texas Medical Branch, which required a long boom crane because there was no nearby ground access. And ATI won the ABC Eagle award for its work on the Mickey Leland Federal Building in downtown Houston by safely remove over 300 concrete precast panels from an 11-story high rise, and for the MD Anderson vertical expansion project. All of these precast panel removal projects were completed with zero safety incidents.

Do not hesitate to call Aggregate Technologies if and when you run into a project difficulty like this. Our experience, equipment, and culture of safety can help keep your project on time.

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