Structural Demolition

Structural Demolition — Preparing for the future.

Structures go up, but that does not mean they are a finished product. Contained structural demolition is very frequently required to address deficiencies in an already standing structure, or to create an opening for further expansion or renovation. When things go wrong, demolition is structural required to remove the weakened or failed area while creating a clean and suitable surface for a fresh concrete pour.

Working to demolish portions of an already existing structure can be a challenge, especially if the building will remain in use during construction. Aggregate Technologies has completed numerous structural demolition projects, and brings a level of expertise and experience that is unmatched in the concrete cutting community.

Aggregate Technologies is the clear answer when structural demolition is required. Past projects include the removal of failed concrete columns in multiple parking garages. Our quick and careful work helped to preserve the overall stability of the structures, making way for much-needed repair. ATI’s staff is also experienced working in challenging high-rise structures, utilizing custom-designed cranes to facilitate the complete upgrade of the façade of a 22-story building. Our work on the façade paved the way for an energy-efficient exterior.

Working in existing structures poses a very unique set of challenges, but Aggregate Technologies can handle any type of structural demolition project in a professional, creative, and ultimately precise manner.

Structural Demolition Videos