Steel Pile Cutting

Many structural jobs, especially land-based construction projects do not use concrete piles, but rather steel piles. These piles can be extremely difficult and dangerous to cut given the nature of steel as an engineered material. Many steel pile cutters require two men, with one working alongside the pile with a torch and one manning the cutting apparatus to complete the cut. Not Aggregate Technologies. 

Steel pile cutting

Steel pile cutting

The patented Pile Cutting Machine which ATI has designed and engineered to work masterfully on concrete piles also works flawlessly on steel piles. Our PCM is a safer, faster, more reliable, and efficient solution when steel piles need to be cut to length. 

Cutting steel piles is different than cutting concrete piles. Diamond blades are generally made to cut concrete, brick, block or asphalt. Carbide tipped blades are used for cutting steel, which creates the challenge of finding a blade that cuts both steel and concrete efficiently, while still having a reasonable blade life.

 ATI team members tested more than 30 blades of all different types of segments & blade cores. These different blades were then tested with different RPMs, feed pressure of blade, horsepower of blade motor, and the amount of water. Eventually, after all of these variables were adjusted, ATI determined the correct formula to quickly and safely cut and remove steel piles and/or concrete filled steel piles. Through our team’s diligent and innovative work, ATI has created a safer and more cost-effective approach to cutting steel piles. Our unique method for cutting steel piles is just another sign that Aggregate Technologies is prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to creating the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs.