Selective Demolition

Selective demolition takes careful engineering.

For many construction jobs, demolition is not total, but rather selective. Whether a portion of the floor slab must be removed, or part of a concrete wall, dock, or bridge deck must be cut out and repaired, selective demolition is an important part of the services provided by Aggregate Technologies. Selective demolition requires creative thinking, precision, and engineering know-how. At Aggregate Technologies, all three of those things are present in abundance. Built through years of hard work, ATI is a demolition leader on all fronts.

Many projects requiring selective demolition require extreme precision and accuracy. The demolition work cannot affect the structural integrity of the remaining steel and concrete. Any error could cause damage to the project site, resulting in costly delays, potential repairs, and danger to the workers and inhabitants of the structure.

Selective Demolition Expertise

Aggregate Technologies is experienced in selective demolition in many environments and settings, including:

  • Industrial and commercial floor slabs and foundations
  • Petrochemical, power, pulp, and steel plants
  • Precast wall panels
  • Bridge decks
  • Marine docks
  • Asphalt and concrete roadway sections
  • Hospitals
  • Airport runways

Whether a job involves creating an opening for future expansion, or the demolition and repair of a severely spalled section of bridge deck, selective demolition can be an important part of the successful completion of the project. Aggregate Technologies will draw upon its past experience in many diverse areas of demolition. This allows our firm to develop the perfect approach to perform selective demolition without causing unnecessary damage to the remaining structure.