Safe Pile Cutting

An innovative approach to safe pile cutting

The patented pile cutting machine (PCM) from Aggregate Technologies Inc. represents a major advance in the evolution of the concrete pile cutting industry. This highly sophisticated piece of equipment sets new standards for both efficiency and safety. In the past, a crew of up to 15 people, operating various tools and equipment, would have been required to tackle a large-scale project and could expect to cut and remove only a few dozen piles over the course of a work day. The process itself was also made more challenging because of necessary safety precautions. Previously, a technician was required to stand in close proximity to the pile and manually apply the saw blade. A second technician would wait on deck until the operator became fatigued and then step in. Then a third operator with a separate piece of equipment would hold the pile as it was being cut. Once cut, the severed pile could then be extracted.

The ATI pile cutting machine eliminates the need for a large team of technicians while also accelerating the concrete cutting pile process. The PCM features an integrated saw and boom arm that are operated by one person. The technician works from a safe distance inside the climate-controlled cab of the the machine, which further minimizes the risk of accident or injury. Large projects can require the sawing and removal of thousands of concrete piles.

The ATI pile cutting machine allows a single operator to cut and remove up to 150 piles per day – a tremendous advance in terms of efficiency and safety. The benefits are clear. The ATI pile cutting machine, or PCM, enhances safety and accelerates the pile sawing and removal process – which translates into significant savings of time and money for the customer. Why take a chance on outdated technology or protracted job completion? Aggregate Technologies can easily deploy this patented pile cutting system to nearly any location.