Precast Wall Sawing

As the use of precast wall panels and slabs grows, employing a construction firm with experience and expertise with precast wall sawing concrete is a must. With the construction process becoming more efficient, and structural engineers becoming more advanced, there will be a greater user of precast concrete in all types of buildings. 

Aggregate Technologies has completed numerous jobs involving the removal of precast concrete panels from already standing structures. This often requires a unique coordination with cranes to remove panels many stories above the ground. ATI will even go so far as to custom-engineer a crane system unique to a specific job. Such a task was required for the removal of 340 precast panels from the exterior façade of the Mickey Leland Federal Building in Houston, TX. One of the more complex, difficult jobs Aggregate Technologies has ever completed, the panels were removed from the exterior of a 22-story building that was still occupied by its tenants during the entire construction process.

While not every precast wall removal job is as difficult or complex as the Leland building, Aggregate Technologies treats every job and client with the same attention to detail and desire to complete the project ahead of schedule and accident free. ATI is willing to go the extra mile, whether the project specifies the removal of panels from a 22-story building or a more minor removal of a handful of panels from single-story structure.