Precast Panel Removal

Precast Panel Removal — Adapt your building

Precast panels are becoming used more and more frequently in this modern era of construction. Precast panels improve the overall constructability of a building, and help cut down on construction time and cost. Precast panels will only be used with greater frequency moving forward in time. The use of precast panels is not only great for constructing a building, their use also makes renovating and reconstructing a building easier. Aggregate Technologies is uniquely positioned as a leader in concrete sawing to serve as the go-to choice for precast wall panel removal.

Removing precast panels from a free-standing building requires an extreme attention to detail. ATI has the precision-cutting, top-of-the-line sawing equipment required to make the exact, clean cuts to begin the panel removal process. Aggregate Technologies also has prior experience in creating custom-engineered crane solutions to perform the final steps in the removal process — even twenty stories above the ground!

Precast panels are typically used to construct warehouse-like buildings and are often used to create the exterior facade. Warehouses must be adaptable to allow for capacity increases, often at a moment’s notice. Precast panels help make a building adaptable on the fly, but those adaptations can only be made with the help of the right contractor — Aggregate Technologies.

Precast panel removal is important in helping a building and building owner adapt to new needs, but it takes the right contracting team to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. Aggregate Technologies is the right team for all your concrete needs, even precast. With a wealth of experience in many different areas of concrete cutting, there is no challenge too big for the ATI team.