Large Diameter Core Drilling

Large diameter? We can do that.

Core drilling is performed for many different diameters — some large some small. Drilling large diameter holes cannot be done by every concrete cutting contractor, however. It takes specialized drilling equipment. More importantly, it takes the right team of workers. The drills used to cut holes up to five feet in diameter are difficult to use. These are not easy holes to cut. A steady, strong hand is required to control a drill bit that large. Cutting one hole can take up to eight hours depending on the depth of the hole. Aggregate Technologies and its workers are the right choice to cut clean, large-diameter holes.

Large-diameter holes can be called for on any type of job. Aggregate Technologies was called on by the Houston Intercontinental Airport to cut four holes, five feet in diameter. The holes were needed to install taxiway lights, and extreme precision was required. Drilling through three feet of concrete took time, over eight hours for some of the holes. Extreme care was taken to avoid drainage intakes and subsurface utilities. Overall, extreme attention to detail had to be paid to create a level, flush hole. The lights were to be installed perfectly flush with the existing tarmac, with little room for error.

Large-diameter coring is not common. That means it can only be performed by an uncommon construction firm like Aggregate Technologies. One hole may take eight very intense hours to cut, and not everyone can do it. Aggregate Technologies can.

Video showing large diameter core drilling