Hydrodemolition – Concrete Removal

Hydrodemolition, also called hydroblasting or waterblasting, is the process of using water to remove concrete and other surfaces. High pressure water is shot in an articulated, directed stream which removes concrete. This method easily removes concrete and leaves behind the rebar in reinforced concrete structures. The pressure of the water can be adjusted to completely remove the concrete, or to rough up the surface of the concrete for the application of a new surface or can be dialed back to just remove waterproof membranes and other coatings and sealants.

Aggregate Technologies hydrodemolition process involves the most sophisticated robotic system available which utilizes a computer-guided water jet on a track mounted machine that is guided over the surface to be removed. The machine and its function resemble a mower or Zamboni machine. Wastewater is collected, conditioned, and reused or safely returned to the environment.

The precision cutting head can be programmed to cut a specific shape with no overruns or relief cuts, such as a manhole or for ductwork. Concrete decks and flooring are removed with the cutting head on the ground, and the machine can also articulate along a vertical wall surface and overhead areas up to 23 feet without support.

With no blades to wear out or dangerous silica dust, hydrodemolition is the safest method to remove large amounts of concrete in a short time. A single operator controls the machine from a control pad and is well away from the cutting stream.

Another advantage is that the sound concrete remains unaffected by the hydrodemolition process. Micro cracks and damage to rebars caused by the impact of jackhammers or other mechanical removal methods are no longer a concern.

This process can be used on bridges, pillars, dams, quays, parking garages, airports, power plants and other engineered constructions.

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