Concrete Scanning

The use of GPR for concrete scanning when evaluating the structural soundness is a very effective method to improve the understanding of the condition and need for rehabilitative measures. Because concrete is an engineered material that is mixed differently every single batch, a concrete structure such as a bridge deck or parking garage floor slab can weather and deteriorate quite differently across an entire structure. When working on a bridge rehabilitation or redecking project, it is of the utmost importance to locate the critical areas of need so as to avoid going over budget. 

Concrete scanning makes things clear.

Stick to the task at hand by calling on Aggregate Technologies to perform a comprehensive concrete scan using our GPR capabilities. Our GPR equipment is capable of locating and delineating spalled areas that require extra attention. The use of GPR will locate the most severely deteriorated areas, while also providing a measure of deterioration across an entire structure. Focus on the areas you need to, while ignoring the areas that are still structurally sound.

GPR is an effective, rapid tool for evaluating large bridge decks or concrete road surfaces. While hand inspections are effective for small structures and foundations, it is not efficient to use a hands-on-the-ground approach for a larger structure. For those situations, let ATI serve your needs. The resulting scan and report will speed up the inspection process and get your team working ahead on the next step of the rehabilitation process.

Let Aggregate Technologies bring clarity to your next big project!