Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond cores are your best friend.

Aggregate Technologies prides itself on bringing the best of the best equipment to the job — even if it’s diamond-studded. Our diamond coring drills, with blades studded with diamond crystals, provide the best, cleanest cuts in the industry. A diamond is a girl’s best friend, but it is also a concrete construction firm’s best friend.

The diamond-studded bits utilized by ATI ensure the cleanest of cuts during the coring process. Creating extremely clean edges, the drills cut down on excess dust and air pollution. This is important when working indoors, as many jobs require. Diamond-core drills make the best cuts, without leaving jagged edges. The use of this top-of-the-line coring equipment allows Aggregate Technologies to drill larger, deeper holes. With the increased power and cutting ability provided by the diamonds, safety is also improved for ATI’s workers.

Diamond core drills also allow concrete with reinforcing steel to be cut through with ease. Most concrete sections are dotted with rebar, which could pose a problem for lesser blades. Aggregate Technologies realizes bringing the best equipment to the site allows us to better serve the client. Holding our drills and coring bits to the highest standard allows Aggregate Technologies to work quickly, efficiently, precisely, and cleanly.

Core Drilling Video