Deep Core Drilling

Aggregate Technologies goes deep.

Deep concrete coring can be difficult. Advancing a coring bit several feet through concrete can be an extremely intense process. It takes time, precision, and focused manpower to drive through large cross sections of concrete. For certain projects, deep core drilling is a necessity.

Deep core drilling is very common when working with pile foundations embedded in rock or slope stabilization. Whatever the application, Aggregate Technologies can develop a solution and power through concrete to any specified depth.

When the City of San Antonio needed the Olmos Dam upgraded, they called ATI. Our engineers and contractors responded promptly, helping ensure that much-needed improvements were made to the nearly 100-year-old dam. ATI combined many high-level techniques to drill over 100 holes to a depth of 42 inches. The drilling was also performed at a 45-degree angle — showing ATI’s ability to perform overcome multiple hurdles in the same job.

The Olmos Dam only scratches the surface of Aggregate Technologies’ abilities. A difficult project at a New Orleans required coring to a vertical depth of 21 feet. In addition to the deep coring required, the project was sensitive in nature given the age of the station — over 100 years old. ATI developed an unconventional solution to allow the deep coring to be performed without damaging the building. Core drills were mounted in gangs along the edge of the roof on a unique scaffolding system.

These two deep coring projects are only a taste of what ATI is capable of. No matter how difficult the setting, Aggregate Technologies has the smarts and the drive to get the job done.

Core Drilling Video