Core Drilling


Aggregate Technologies, Inc. is the clear answer for all core drilling needs, with a vast array of experience spanning over 100 years, and all phases of construction and many different work environments. Whether the job involves asphalt sampling, utility installation, or a large scale drilling project involving 30,000 holes for the Louisiana Army Corps of Engineers, our experienced, responsive team can develop a solution and boring program to meet your needs.


Our core drilling techniques give you the most precise circular cuts possible. We are capable of drilling holes up to very wide diameters to meet any need. And create the cleanest cuts without debris, dust, or corners. We drill without vibratory impacts, leaving the surrounding structure undisturbed. Aggregate Technologies, Inc. is also capable of creating unique core drilling solutions to address tight locations through engineering and problem solving. Deploying the latest and most current drilling equipment, cuts up to 48” diameter can be performed. Our experience providing core drilling services is extensive, and spans multiple states.


Headquartered in Houston, ATI has experience throughout the Gulf Coast region, as well as nationwide. Rapid response teams are available across the country to perform drilling on a moment’s notice. More importantly, our core drilling services are performed with an utmost focus on safety. ATI has a spotless record over the past three years without a single reportable incident. Our teams of drillers are experienced in cutting holes for utility cables, wastewater treatment facilities, bridge anchorage ties, marine industrial applications, and other structural applications, both on land and water for a wide range of clients.  

Core Drilling Videos