Core Drilling Port Houston

Port Houston is continuing to upgrade and expand, and in terms of foreign tonnage, it is the busiest in the United States, and second only to New Orleans in terms of overall tonnage. Throughout the port, container cranes are used for loading and unloading intermodal containers from cargo ships. The cranes run along a railway that parallels the water so they can then move alongside the container ships. Recently at Port Houston the contractor was ready to lay down the crane railway, and the installation required numerous holes core drilled into the concrete along the rail length.

What should have been a routine concrete core drilling job was complicated by the fact that in certain sections of the dock were structural steel plates. Because of the amount and thickness of the steel underneath the concrete, the concrete rock hammer drill was not able to cut to the needed depth in a timely fashion. The type of drill that works well on structural concrete is not optimal for structural steel. Due to the tight schedule of various other contractors, these holes needed to be drilled out, and fast.

ATI was called and able to be onsite that day to begin the process of core drilling 487 holes through structural steel. In five days ATI operators were done with this task. ATI’s equipment and skill was able to minimize project delays and keep the other specialty contractors on schedule.

Aggregate Technologies is ready to assist in a moment’s notice when your project runs into the unexpected. All jobs have their quirks, and rather than these causing delays for you and others, call on the ATI team – 1-877-752-2729 (1-877-SLABSAW). Our culture of outside-the-box thinking along with our equipment and expertise can help you minimize delays and overages.

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