Diamond Concrete Sawing

Trust the diamond concrete saw for a clean cut.

The diamond concrete saw produces an extremely precise cut. The saw, studded with diamond crystals, creates an extremely clean cut. With the additional durability, cutting ability, and sharpness created by the diamond blades, saw-cutting can be completed rapidly, leaving an exact cut. Leaving a very clean cut can be important to create a proper surface for bonding when new concrete is to be poured. The diamond concrete saw also cuts through steel rebar with ease.

The use of the diamond saw for concrete cutting and demolition can also reduce dust and environmental pollution. This can be an ideal application for interior construction, especially if the structure is to remain occupied during ongoing work. Overall, the reduction of dust and air pollution can only be viewed positively, whether or not it is a requirement of a given project. There are many practical reasons to consider the use of the diamond saw, and its use only serves to aid in completing a precise, cost-effective concrete cut.

 Harness the power of the diamond concrete saw.

ATI has a diverse set of capabilities, and many of them are made possible by our diamond-studded saw blades. Our top-of-the-line saws make it possible for us to offer our clients:

As always, Aggregate Technologies is committed to bringing the best equipment to the job site, and that includes the diamond concrete saw.