Concrete Coring

Circular cuts in walls and slabs, made through a process called concrete coring, are used in construction for many reasons. Precise, circular cuts are frequently needed to create openings in walls and slabs for plumbing, electrical and fiber-optic cables, and HVAC equipment. Creating these openings for pipes and wires requires clean, dust-free surfaces, so as to avoid debris creating damage during future use. Special attention must also be paid to limit vibration. Coring is often performed in buildings where sensitive equipment has already been installed.

Coring can also be used to investigate and analyze the condition of existing concrete. Taking a core from an area in question can allow for compressive strength testing to be performed. Coring is also often necessary to retrieve rock samples when performing a subsurface investigation. A thorough investigation into the rock properties below a proposed structure is almost always a requirement to perform foundation analysis.

Concrete Coring Solutions

There are many scenarios where concrete coring could be required, including:

Aggregate Technologies can perform concrete coring for nearly any practical diameter, even 48 inches. Our contractors are experienced working in industrial, commercial, and marine environments.

With a diverse background, experienced engineers, and a willingness to go the extra mile, even if it means designing a custom drill bit, Aggregate Technologies is the first choice for concrete coring services nationwide. With a rapid response and a dedication to performing efficient yet precise work, ATI has earned its reputation as a leader in the concrete construction sector.