Concrete Breaking

Some demolition jobs require something a little different – concrete breaking. When a different type of teardown is needed, rely on Aggregate Technologies for concrete hammering, and breaking. In addition to our wide range of saws and other concrete cutting equipment, ATI has the capability and means to remove larger areas of concrete using  hydraulic hammers, and heavy and small equipment.

Concrete breaking allows for selective demolition.

When a full structural demolition is required, break the concrete down, rather than cut it. This method of demolition is more efficient and effective when preparing a site for new construction. When the precision cuts of the saw are not required, Aggregate Technologies can still provide a solution. Our concrete breaking techniques are also very effective when the exterior concrete surrounding a steel rebar cage must be removed to expose the underlying steel.

When performing concrete breaking, Aggregate Technologies performs the work safely, while limiting the effects of air pollution with dust and broken concrete pieces. Just because the extreme precision cuts of a concrete sawing or coring job are not required when hammering away, does not mean the work is not performed with the utmost attention to detail. Aggregate Technologies remains the clear answer for concrete demolition, no matter your project’s requirements.