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Four Concrete Cutting Services – One Company

ATI is working on a chemical plant expansion on the Gulf Coast providing the customer an expert “one stop shop” for four concrete cutting services. Pile Cutting – cutting 14″ x 18″ precast piles Pile Crushing – crushing precast and auger piles to expose rebar Wall Sawing – cutting piles that are in deep pits Core Drilling – drilling holes in […]

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Precast Wall Sawing

Precast Panel Removal – 11 Stories High

Aggregate Technologies removed eight precast concrete panels from the lab section of the UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch) Jennie Sealy Hospital in Galveston. The project calls for louvers to be installed in place of the concrete panels. Because the location was 120′ from the street due to other buildings, and the area was 120′ feet high, a telescopic crane with up […]

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Houston Precast Removal Concrete

Lakewood Church Precast Removal

ATI recently completed the cut, removal, and haul off of three precast panels for a fifth-floor office renovation at Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas. The panels were approximately 80’ above ground, 9’ x 11’ in size, each weiging 7,500 lbs. Operators utilized a swing stage, mobile crane, and other equipment to complete this work during the night hours.  Due to […]

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Highrise Precast Wall Removal

Aggregate Technologies has completed its pivotal role in the renovation of the Mickey Leland Federal Building in Houston, Texas. ATI crews removed 340 cast concrete panels from the exterior of the building, lowering them to the ground with custom-engineered cranes. The job required complex logistical planning and implementation as well as assurance of utmost safety standards. When the mast climber […]

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