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Hospital Water Tank Removal

A hospital in Houston required its existing fire suppression system water tank removed. The steel tank was 9’ tall by 25’ in diameter, with a layer of concrete encased on the inside of the tank, on a 12’ high concrete platform, in the basement of the hospital. A project of this type outdoors or in an industrial plant would typically […]

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Below Grade Wire Sawing

The City of Houston needed to expand access its underground sewer system for maintenance purposes. Aggregate Technologies was tasked with removing an existing 7′ wide manhole riser, and then wire sawing an access point at a drain junction. What made this job unique is the work started at ground level and ended up 50′ below grade – five stories down!  First, […]

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Core Drilling

Core Drilling Wastewater Plant

When a local contractor needed both power and precision to complete a difficult concrete cutting project, Aggregate Technologies Inc. provided the solution. ATI recently conducted two separate mobilizations at the Almeda Sims Wastewater Treatment Plant, both of which required lowering concrete cutting and drilling equipment into separate work areas 30 and 40 feet below ground. ATI’s core drilling expertise was on […]

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