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Emergency Structural Concrete Demolition

When something goes wrong in the world of construction, delays and repairs can set a project back weeks and cost the owners thousands of dollars. In times like these, it is imperative to act quickly to minimize potential damages to the structure, but also to keep the project on schedule. Knowing who to call when a situation like this pops […]

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Houston Precast Removal Concrete

Lakewood Church Precast Removal

ATI recently completed the cut, removal, and haul off of three precast panels for a fifth-floor office renovation at Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas. The panels were approximately 80’ above ground, 9’ x 11’ in size, each weiging 7,500 lbs. Operators utilized a swing stage, mobile crane, and other equipment to complete this work during the night hours.  Due to […]

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Structural Concrete Demolition parking garage

Structural Demolition in Parking Garage

ATI’s structural demolition expertise and skill was put on display after the fifth floor of a five-story parking garage partially collapsed on June in Houston, Texas. Preliminary investigation reveals a double-T structural slab may not have been properly welded to the corbel, and one end of the slab eventually gave way, causing it and three concrete floor panels to collapse […]

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