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Drones On Construction Sites

Are Drones the Future of Construction? (poll below) Drones, or remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles, made the news again after Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer sliced his pinky finger down to the bone while repairing one of his drones. To date, the use of drones has primarily been limited to the armed forces or hobbyists, but that is quickly changing. Drones […]

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Texas Business Radio Interview – Ronnie Wills

Ronnie Wills is interviewed by Texas Business Radio hosts Matt Register and George Walden. He discusses the history of Aggregate Technologies, company culture, ATI’s charity donation program and more. Full transcript below the video. Aggregate Technologies – Ronnie Wills – Texas Business Radio Ronnie Wills talks about the company culture at Aggregate Technologies. Matt Register:                   Welcome to Texas Business Radio. […]

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