Below Grade Wire Sawing

The City of Houston needed to expand access its underground sewer system for maintenance purposes. Aggregate Technologies was tasked with removing an existing 7′ wide manhole riser, and then wire sawing an access point at a drain junction. What made this job unique is the work started at ground level and ended up 50′ below grade – five stories down! 

First, earth was removed around the manhole and the sides were shored up. An ATI operator used a concrete saw to free a 10′ section of the concrete riser, which was then lifted out and removed. This was repeated five times to get the riser out. 

As the project went on a 50 x 50′ area was excavated out and shored up to protect personnel and equipment. Once technicians had reached the concrete junction, a 29′ x 19′ concrete lid was cut with a wire saw and lifted out in two  separate sections.

All done safely within feet of thousands of cars da day at Westheimer Road and the Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8 frontage road.

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