Asphalt Sawing

Asphalt Sawing Expertise

Working with asphalt is very similar to working with concrete, but there are differences. Aggregate Technologies has won and completed many asphalt sawing jobs, successfully and ahead of schedule. Working on highway sections to remove damaged asphalt for repair, or to make way for utility engineering, or in the aviation sector, Aggregate Technologies has a bank of previous experience working to saw through asphalt.

In conjunction with many of our bridge demolition and slab sawing projects, Aggregate Technologies has developed the capabilities to handle jobs involving asphalt sawing. Many of the same pieces of equipment that our contractors use to cut precisely through concrete walls and slabs work well on jobs involving asphalt. The need to remove a section of asphalt should not stand in the way of a job’s completion, and sawing through asphalt can often involve cutting through underlying concrete. Aggregate Technologies is a one-stop shop when asphalt and concrete are paired together. Our blades leave a clean cut surface, so as to create a suitable bonding plane for future asphalt layers. Failure to form a strong, uniform bond can lead to future settlement issues in the asphalt.

Do not let asphalt be an issue in keeping the construction of your project on schedule, see what Aggregate Technologies can bring to your project.