With over 100 years combined experience, we are able solve your most challenging projects.

Who We Are…

Aggregate Technologies is a specialty contractor that utilizes diamond technology to perform vertical, horizontal and circular cutting of asphalt, concrete, masonry and stone, and pile cutting and crushing with our patented Pile Cutting Machine and crushing shears.  Our state-of-the-art equipment paired with an experienced staff enables us to handle projects our competitors can’t. Our extensive experience includes state, county, city, airport, industrial, commercial, medical, and highway service work. Aggregate Technologies is better equipped to bring your projects in on time and on budget.

We utilize a comprehensive Dispatch, Scheduling and Maintenance Software product designed especially for the Concrete Cutting Industry. Logically, a quote is created and a job order is issued. The quote rolls over into the dispatcher’s screen. An operator is assigned and sent to your job with all the information from the original quote so the operator knows who, what, when and where. He then writes a hand written job ticket with all the specifics… a direct link between the job order and invoice. The information is rolled over into the billing module and your invoice is created using the operator’s job ticket as back up. For your unique job requirements, we are also able to process certified payroll and AIA billing from this same module thus completing the whole process of working with Aggregate Technologies is a pleasure.

Aggregate Technologies

Aggregate Technologies

Complete customer satisfaction…

It is important for you as a valued customer to know about our modernized maintenance shop, surplus of equipment and our dependability. All of our machinery and equipment goes out in top condition. We do at times; however, experience breakdowns on the job. If we are unable to exchange equipment, our staff of certified mechanics has the knowledge and experience to get our equipment in top form in no time at all. With that support available, our operators are able to continue performing with little down time and your contracts come in as scheduled!