Non-Explosive Concrete Demolition

Aggregate Technologies, Inc. prides itself on having the right equipment and technology for every job – regardless of the unique challenges. This includes demolition projects, where the expert application of non-explosive controlled demolition agents allow ATI crews to break apart reinforced concrete and rock with utmost safety and precision – while minimizing the noise, vibration, and dust often associated with demolition activities.

This cutting-edge approach is made possible by a chemical powder that releases an impressive 18,000 PSI of expansive strength when mixed with water. The agent is poured into drilled holes and begins to work silently, fracturing concrete and stone into manageable sizes and shapes.

Unlike standard blasting techniques, chemical powder agents are quiet and efficient. They will not damage remaining structures, and they allow valuable stone to be preserved. Chemical demolition agents also reduce the cost of insurance, storage, and labor.

ATI has used non-explosive expansive demolition powder for numerous successful projects, including the removal of a semicircular section of bridge pier measuring 30 ft. by 15 ft. at a depth of 30 in., and a 30-ft. by 30-ft. slab of 4-ft. roadbed at a tunnel entrance were vibrations in the structure were not acceptible.

Along with ATI’s other conventional methods of concrete fracturing and cutting, expansive demolition powder is yet another reason Aggregate Technologies is a leader in the concrete cutting industry with the expertise and tools for even the most difficult demolition projects.

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